Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogging challenge 4

                                             What's all the blogging about

Should violent video games be legal I say yes because some people do not get affected by the video games like other people other people don't even get effected by the game. And sometimes it is not the game but there parents because the can see them fighting all the time. And plus they can not buy the game if they are under 18 so I think that video games do not effect people that much. And the games have ratting for violence bad language so you can look for a game that fits you or what you are looking for. 

Nick B have some what the same ideas and sometimes we disagree like me and him both think that violence is what makes games really good because without violence it would be boring. but most of the time we agree with each other.for example I disagree on him when he says that video games are like real life but better I say no games are not like real life because if it was then it would not be fun I like video games because they are not real life. because in video games you can do much more. That is like the only thing we disagree on 

Date posted 4/8/14
Atours name Nick
Title of post what's all the blogging about.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Challenge 2- "Read Across America"

Writing Side Ways

Who I was 5 years ago? 5 years ago I did not really talk a lot of people I was very quiet.And I did not really do anything.But at home I talked but never at school. Sometimes I did but it was to answer questions.But now I do talk actually a lot I have more friends I have a better life now then 5 years ago.

The time I fell off my bike. When I fell off my bike it really hurt.I was bleeding from my knees.But the good thing is that I was about a Block away from my house I did not need stitches butI still have scars from when I fell of my bike.

The book I read and re-read. The book I read and re-read was percy jackson and the lighting thief. That was the only book that I enjoyed reading And for the first time I read at home for fun. It's a great book If you guys have not read that book I advise for you guys to read it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

National Writting Day

In the picture it looks like the flame is being a light source and it makes heat. maybe the big thing above it might trap the heat and later if it gets colder they can push or flip a switch or button so the heat that the thing trapped might be released.
The thing that makes me say that is because the candle thing is beneath a giant thing that might trap the heat. and the candle is giving out light to. that is what makes me say that. In the place there in it looks like a place for a tornado or something like that because there are no windows.